Watching 3D movies/Anaglyph contents on laptop

Few days ago I was thinking that it is impossible to see 3D movies on normal laptops or LCD screens. But recently I found out that it might be possible to watch 3D movies.

So , I after doing some research on internet I found out we can enjoy 3D content on these normal screens, but obviously not with naked eyes, we will need some special glasses to enjoy them.

Basically 3D content is made by using few colour combinations to show the depth these combinations might be:

  • red cyan/blue
  • green magenta

and of course to view them you will need either red cyan or green magenta glasses. you can buy them in less than 1$ (Rs. 40) from eBay.


You can find a lot of anaglyph contents on internet just search Google , and you can search YouTube for anaglyph video contents , there are certain Blue-ray movie sources in anaglyph format if you want to watch 3D movies. Certain movies which are available in anaglyph format are:

  • Avatar
  • Step up 3D
  • Resident Evil Afterlife
  • Alice in  wonderland
  • Piranha

Just look on the internet for their source or mail me.

    • pritam
    • June 3rd, 2011

    can i watch 3d movies in normal i have got dell xps l401x..using red cyan glasses…i have made it in home but it didnt work can u give me the suggestions for it…?

    • Actually in case of red-cyan glasses , you can watch on any screen , keep cyan on right eye and red on left eye , and try to get the glasses , home made might not work as laptop screens are already small , try getting them from ebay , or look around your locality for places where you can get them … good luck.

    • PriyanK
    • August 17th, 2011

    i bought green magenta glasses but still i can’t watch 3d anaglyph movies such as Tron legacy, Avatar & Haunted (2011),
    i’m using VLC player in my Sony Vaio laptop.

    • Depends on the movie print , I used red cyan , and it worked for me , In your case try finding green magenta movies, as the you wrote above are i red cyan prints , so its obvious that it will not work.

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